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Weak With The Dawn
Same Old Tune

I’ve been here too long

Wandering, singing this tired old tune

“World owe’s me somethin’! Dontcha know?”


Got a chip in my pocket,

fell from my shoulder but I can’t stop carrying it around

Says something about movin’ on,

“But I done plenty of movin’!”

I tell the passers-by. 

Maybe it was more of a shout.


My blue jeans been worn grey,

my shirt hangs by a thread,

my poor sneakers ain’t got nothing but souls,

“But at least somethin’ round here has one.”






let the inter-species games begin!

A way for the punters to entertain the animals!
I approve of this.

It reminds me of a wolf sanctuary I visited where the Wolves had to pens, so at one point they put the wolves into their feeding pen and gave us all meat to hide around their ordinary pen.
Once we were all out and the gate was securely locked they let the wolves back in and they had so much fun hunting down and pulling out the meat.

Ways to safely play with the animals in a respectful manner that is enjoyable for the animals need to be incorporated into zoos and wildlife parks so badly.
It’s so important for the mental health of the animals that they (A) have something to do and (B) have a positive experience from having all of these strange humans watching them all day.


Custom Tattoo by Jackie Rabbit


WatsonKitty Wants Cashews


“Wild FOX” by Milan Krasula


“Wild FOX” by Milan Krasula